Luna Cycles is our way of sharing all of the things we have learned in our 20+ years of riding and working in the bike industry.  When we first set out to open a shop in Lenoir, we knew that we wanted to incorporate all of the features that distinguish a bike shop from a bike store.  We wanted a laid back atmosphere that was inviting, we wanted customers to feel a sense of community, and we wanted to be able to share all of the knowledge we have gained over the years to help people in our sport. Most of all, we wanted the experience to be fun and enjoyable for you and us!

We aim to be a bicycle shop for every cyclist.  Whether you ride on the road, trail, greenway, neighborhood, or commute to work, Luna Cycles is committed to helping you have a better, more enjoyable experience.  We pride ourselves on helping customers find the right bike for their needs.  But it isn't enough to just have the right bike.  It is our belief that relationships with our customers is the most important aspect of the bicycle shop experience.  By taking the our time with each customer, we can ensure proper bike fit and positioning to maximize both comfort and performance.  Our service department takes the same time, care, and committment on every repair to provide quality repair work on any bike that comes through our doors.

We hope that our love of bikes and our passion for cycling comes through in your experiences with us.  We also hope that our professionalism and attention to detail is in evidence in all of the work that we do for you.  We ride and race what we sell, so when you ask for advice we will happily share our knowledge with you.  We hope that you will be a part of our cycling community!